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At Sport Design Sweden, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business operations, including the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of our products. We recognize that our actions have an impact on the environment, and we are committed to minimizing that impact.

We want to ensure a sound working environment for all employees - in our own organization as well as in the factories that manufactures our products.


Our products are made to support your favorite team or immortalize memories from your favorite ski resort.

Designed for longevity, our products are made to be cherished for a lifetime.


Sport Design Sweden has long lasting collaborations with our suppliers. Many of our suppliers have been with us from the beginning, fostering a personal connection. We regularly visit our suppliers to ensure that our standards for working conditions and environmental practices and met.

We actively collaborate with suppliers to enhance sustainability across our production process, exploring options from eco-friendly fabrics to alternative shipping methods.


Sport Design Sweden provides products with globally recognized certifications.

Sport Design Sweden and several of our suppliers are GOTS certified. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the leading global standard for processing organic fibers, encompassing ecological and social criteria, verified by independent third-party certification.
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We offer a wide range of products holding the OEKO-TEX® certification, a renowned standard for textiles tested for harmful substances. This certification is offered through several of our suppliers.
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Forrest Stewardship Counsil
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies forests to ensure their environments are responsibly managed and meet the highest environmental and social standards.
All trays and coasters in our Home Collection are made in an environmentally friendly way. Made in Sweden they are also made according to FSC Standards.
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Our caps are made with a WRAP certified supplier.
WRAP is an organization that works on the ground level to ensure compliance to both labour laws aswell as environmental regulations.
Every WRAP-certified facility has undergone an intensive social compliance audit verifying it abides by our 12 Principles, which are based on local laws and internationally recognized standards.
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In addition to certified products like GOTS, we incorporate Organic Cotton in the majority of our offerings. Organic cotton is cultivated without genetically modified seeds, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

It’s our ambition that all production should be offered with a certificate from a globally recognized third party entity no later than 2025.